16 incredible photos from The French Dispatch (2021)


One of the most distinctive aspects of Wes Anderson’s work is the vibrant visual world he creates for each film. His latest release French Mail, is no different. Along with production designer Adam Stockhausen, cinematographer and frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Robert Yeoman brings the vibrant three-part anthology to life with vivid color, playful photography and incredible attention to detail.

The film follows several journalists who write for The French Dispatch, an outpost of an American newspaper based in the fictional French town of Ennui-sur-Blasé. Each segment of the anthology delves into a new section of the newspaper’s subjects, taking viewers on a new adventure, each more ridiculous than the next. The vast diversity of characters (and big stars) is just as captivating as the film’s rich and visually pleasing element. Comedy is the vehicle for this seemingly random assortment of stories, creating memorable dialogue. However, it’s Ennui’s visual wonderland that audiences will recognize as a particular Wes Anderson trademark.

Here are sixteen still images that show the level of detail given to the sets, production design and composition of each frame in The French Dispatch.


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