An unpublished work by Proust will be published by a French publisher


Fans of French novelist Marcel Proust are in for good news. A report in The Guardian declares that one of his books will be published by the French publisher Gallimard. Title The Seventy-five Leaves or The seventy-five pagesit will be released on March 18. We thought the text was lost all these years.

The same report also mentions that it was written in 1908 and was in the possession of the late publisher, Bernard de Fallois. He died in 2018 and it was he who reviewed Proust’s posthumous publications. The report further adds that in 1954, in a preface to a series of unpublished essays by Proust, Contre Sainte-Beuve, Fallois had alluded to this still unpublished work.

Describing it as a “valuable guide” to understanding Proust’s work from 1913 In Search of Lost Timehe further asserted that The seventy-five pages does not include Charles Swann, a fictional character in the French writer’s novels.

The report states that “the papers were found in the archives of De Fallois”, which were “bequeathed to the National Library of France at his death”.

“Through the reading keys that the writer seems to have left there, [it] gives access to the primitive Proustian crypt,” a statement from Gallimard is quoted in the report.

The English translation of the book has not yet been announced.


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