Are you stuffing yourself with Lupin? Know the author who created the French gentleman thief


Most series in recent times have been adapted from a book. And the last one is Netflix Lupine in which the protagonist, Assane Diop, anchors his life and his way of doing things on a fictional character: Arsène Lupin.

Diop, the son of an immigrant from Senegal seeks revenge for his father’s death. Even though he had committed suicide, he was falsely implicated in the theft of a priceless necklace from his employer’s house. What follows is Diop tracing his route of revenge from the fictional character to his attributes as a gentleman.

With the growing popularity of the series, many are waking up to this gentleman thief. It might also be a good time to get to know the man behind the character: Maurice Leblanc.

Born on December 11, 1864, Leblanc was famous as a short-story writer, but his fame mainly rested on being the creator of Lupin. It also led to comparisons to Arthur Conan Doyle. Even though Lupine and Sherlock Homes are on opposite spectrums, they are united by their sweetness. It also led Blanc to feature Holmes in his books alongside Lupin. After an enraged Doyle used the law to prevent it, the French author circumvented it by changing the detective’s name to Herlock Shomes. Books like Arsene Lupine Vs Herlock Sholmes feature both.

The character was created in 1905 for a magazine, I know everything. Its success has led to full-length novels in no less than 17 books and 40 short stories. Leblanc continued to write about Lupin until his death in 1941.

In an interview with Variety, actor Omar Sy said: “Lupin is so French that you can’t grow up in France without knowing who Arsène Lupin is.” He further shared that although he was not a fan of the novels, working on the series converted him. Speaking about the character and his reasons for doing so, Sy reportedly said, “He’s fun, funny, very stylish; There is action. Lupine is just the perfect character to cross paths with [off] everything on the bucket list. You can do anything with this character. It’s the perfect role.”


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