Books in French for Seychelles libraries expand cultural offerings


An impressive stock of 1,100 French books which were shipped to the Seychelles on the French navy vessel “SIROCO” was handed over to Alain St. Ange, the Seychelles Minister in charge of Tourism and Culture, on Friday morning, and transported to the Seychelles National Library at the Victoria National Cultural Center.

The sending of books to Seychelles is the result of appeals launched on behalf of the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture to ADIFLOR, a non-profit association, and to book publishers in France by Mr. Richard Touboul, l French historian and friend of the Seychelles. .

It all started in February 2013, when the Ministry of Tourism and Culture requested the help of Mr. Touboul for an unprecedented mission in France in order to request the support of book publishers and ADIFLOR to donate a stock of French-language books for libraries. in the Seychelles.

Mr. Touboul flew to France and met various reputable book publishers, and he also met ADIFLOR, the non-profit association for the publishing and distribution of French books. ADIFLOR was created in 1985 by Xavier Deniau, former French Minister, with the mission of making readers discover the pleasure of French books and promoting French culture throughout the world among others. Mr. Richard Touboul made a contract with Isabelle Le Camus de Lagrevol, an active member of the ADIFLOR association, and obtained the stock of French books for the Seychelles.

Each year ADIFLOR, through its collections, enriches public libraries, documentation centers, schools and universities in French-speaking countries with more than 200,000 works. Seychelles is now listed as one of the beneficiary countries of the association with a first donation of 1,100 pounds. Of the total number of books donated, 920 go to the French section of the National Library at the National Cultural Center in Victoria; 127 goes to the French Cultural Center, “Alliance Française”; and about 40 at the French Embassy.

With the support of Madame Geneviève Iancu, French Ambassador to the Seychelles, the contingent of books was loaded onto the French military vessel “SIROCO” and shipped to the Seychelles. The ship docked safely in Port Victoria on December 21 under the command of Jean Marc Le Quilliec, captain of the “SIROCO”.

It was in the presence of Jean Paul Adam, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Seychelles; Madame Geneviève Iancu, Ambassador of France to Seychelles; Madame Benjamine Rose, PS for Culture; and other senior officials that Commander Le Quilliec handed over the shipment of French books to Alain St. Ange, the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture, aboard the French naval vessel “SIROCO”.

In his speech, Minister St. Ange declared that the handing over of the books to the Seychelles government “marked an important step in the consolidation of Franco-Seychelles relations in the cultural field”.

“The Franco-Seychelles relationship, already founded on solid foundations, is today more solidified than ever with the handing over of the new contingent of French books after having been transported to the Seychelles by the French navy”, Alain St. Ange, Seychellois Minister of Tourism and Culture. , noted.

Minister St. Ange also thanked Madame Geneviève Iancu for her support for this project.

“On behalf of the Seychelles government and on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the French navies, in particular to Mr. Jean Marc Le Quilliec, commander of ‘SIROCO’ for his active involvement in this project that will contribute to the development of culture in our country. We are also honored by the presence of “SIROCO” in our port and the presence of Admiral Hervé Blejean, Commander of the European Union’s maritime forces ”, declared Minister St. Ange.

The Seychelles Minister concluded his speech by expressing his gratitude to Mr. Richard Touboul, historian and honorary consultant to the Seychelles museums, and “a close friend of the Seychelles” for having carried out this mission.

Madame Geneviève Iancu, Ambassador of France to the Seychelles, for her part welcomed the symbolic gesture of the donation of the book as a positive step in Franco-Seychelles relations. While Jean Paul Adam, the Seychelles Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared that “the shipment of these books to the Seychelles has further strengthened the language pact”.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP).

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