Costa-Gavras’ filmography will be screened at the French Film Festival


The screening of the restored films will take place in the Alfredo Guevara rooms of the San Gerónimo school with the films The Confession (1970) and The Capital (2012), whose screenings will take place on June 28.

Released in 1965, the film Les Rails du crime marks the director’s debut on the big screen and tells the story of a train journey from Marseille to Paris, a murder and the investigation carried out by one of the passengers.

For his part, Z demonstrates the influence of literature on the career of Konstantinos Gavras (Costa-Gavras), since the plot of the film is inspired by the homonymous book written by the Greek Vassilis Vassilikos.

Indeed, for this political thriller about the murder of a leftist leader and the attempts to hide it by the police, the director won the jury prize at Cannes, the Oscar for best foreign language film. and the golden statuette of the brilliant edition of Françoise Bonnot.

According to the director of the Cuban Cinematheque, Luciano Castillo, the screening of the selected films will promote dialogue around the director’s legacy on the production of critical and sociopolitical cinema, as well as his passage through thrillers and black comedy.

The exhibition dedicated to this Franco-Greek filmmaker stands out among the selection of 14 fiction films, two documentaries and three animated feature films included in the festival program, which invite reflection and testify to the extensive cultural ties between Cuba and France.



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