Dawn French paid her fans not to read a ‘misleading’ unauthorized biography


Comedy star Dawn French was distressed when fans started presenting her with an unauthorized biography to sign – so she paid them not to read the ‘lying’ book

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Dawn French stars in The Vicar of Dibley teaser in 2020

Dawn French has revealed she was so offended by an unauthorized biography written about her that she paid fans not to read it.

The 63-year-old comedy legend was distressed by the book – which she did not explicitly identify – as it contained ‘gross untruths’ about her life that left her and her mother upset.

The star was then horrified when fans started bringing the book to events for her to sign – prompting her to start paying her fans to stop them reading the material.

Dawn says she considered taking legal action against the unauthorized book, but instead opted to write her own official memoir in order to set the record straight.

Daw French says she paid fans not to read an unauthorized biography about her that she hated



According to The Sunday Telegraph, Dawn spoke of the hardship the unauthorized biography caused as she spoke at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

She said: “The book came out and – it may seem like small mistakes – but they add up to a misrepresentation of you.

“There were big untruths in this book about my father and my mother – who were still alive at the time – and she was hugely hurt by it and wanted me to involve the lawyers.

The star was overwhelmed when fans presented her with the book to sign



“But I realized that if we were to do this, mum would have to come to court and answer questions about her marriage to my dad. It wasn’t worth it. »

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that the star decided to take extreme measures to get rid of fan books when they started bringing copies to signings while she was on tour with Jennifer Saunders.

She said: “Because it was the only book about me, people were bringing it for me to sign. They are lovely people. I didn’t sign, but I started taking the book and to give £20 to the person.

Dawn released her official autobiography in 2007



The star’s latest fiction novel, Because Of You, came out last year



“Jennifer said, ‘You can’t keep doing this, you’re not going to get anything from the tour.

“So my only recourse was to write my own book. I’m glad I did.

Dawn’s true autobiography, titled Dear Fatty, came out in 2007 and was written as letters to her family.

She also wrote a later autobiography, titled Me. You. A journal, released in 2017.

While attending the Cheltenham Literature Festival – which runs until October 17 – Dawn was promoting her latest fiction book, Because Of You, which was published last year.

She opened up about her views on professional criticism during her chat, saying, “If someone says I can’t focus because all I’m looking at is her big fat ass – that’s the kind of criticism I get – so I can’t do this scene without thinking about it.

“And I don’t want that kind of nonsense in my head.

“I don’t watch the reviews until the last night. It’s kind of a tradition if I do theater, like where I did my own show – I get all the criticism and I have a ‘big rum’. On the very last night, I read them, drink the rum and then off we go.

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