Designing your Magnifying Skateboard Template to appear more Confident When Playing

Skateboard template

It is the time for you to combine between the skateboard and your creativity. Shock the city with your amazing skateboard template that no one has it. Such as you know, skateboarding is one of the fun exercises which many teenagers like it. They often walk the city streets with an agile style. Every now and then, they play in the park and jump along with their skateboards. Of course, it is not difficult to get this board but using your own with your design will give a different sense. Moreover, there is a Boardpusher skateboard template that ready to help.

Design your Amazing Skateboard Template in Boardpusher

Open the website of then choose the button for design your skateboard.  There are lots of the skateboard designs and you let choose one of them. The Boardpusher uses a heat transfer process to print the custom deck. This technology gives you a skateboard with the professional graphics such as at the store. You can get the result at least after 72 hours from your order. Once more, you are also able to sell your design through this website.

Things you should pay attention to when using a Boardpusher

The Boardpusher receives your images in PNG, JPG, and JPEG formats. If you want to know more about it, read some information below:

  1. PNG storage is for transparent image types
  2. Min DPI is 150 DPL (whatever size will change)
  3. Full Bleed size is 9 x 33 inches (all deck sizes)
  4. Small Full Bleed size is 1350 x 4950 pixels
  5. Can upload as many images as you want
  6. Can add the text through the Generator Deck easily.
  7. Do not put something on the edge of the board on the Deck Generator
  8. Be sure to extend the deck a little if you want to print the image to the edge
  9. Never enlarge other Jpeg photos or graphics so that the prints are not pixelated or blurry

Those are some points that you must pay attention to design your skateboard template. Perhaps, you will spend additional cost $ 10 for some custom deck backgrounds. The fee is for artists or designers who create graphics.

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