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Those who enjoy foreign films or wish to watch them but need recommendations can consider these French film options.

“Hate” (1995)
This classic French black and white film directed by Mathieu Kassovitz follows three angry young men living in a Parisian suburb, also known as the suburb. The plot is fairly straightforward, but it has a powerful message about one of the darkest years in recent French history in which there was a constant threat of violence after a spate of shootings and bombings. the bomb in the summer of 1995.

Hate was also the first film in which the suburbs life was portrayed as it was, rewriting what the French thought they knew about these places.

“Mom” (2014)
This is perhaps my favorite film from Canadian director Xavier Dolan. It’s a heartfelt dark comedy about a widowed mother who deals with a troubled, hyperactive and violent teenager. It will blow your mind, taking you somewhere between everyday life and hell, but in a deep and shocking way.

Arguably the highlight of the film is how Dolan plays on the aspect of the screen as a supporting element in explaining the plot. The screen reduced to the form of a selfie taken with a cell phone which refers, as Dolan said, to the characters’ restricted horizons; and it widens at happy times.

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“The Life of Adele” (2013)
Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, this film tells the story of a young girl discovering her sexuality, but it is also a love story experienced with the madness and intensity of the first times. In short, it comes down to the basics. The Life of Adele shows us that those painful journeys we have all taken are what got us to know each other better.

‘Hidden’ (2005)
Arguably one of Michael Haneke’s masterpieces, this movie may seem like a simple one-person harassment movie, but the real plot goes much deeper than that. So deep that if you don’t know a little about recent French history, you won’t understand the essentials. Let me help you: in 1961, a massacre of Algerians took place in Paris. This event is a consequence of the Algerian war of independence, and it is deeply attached to the past of the protagonist.

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The Mesrine saga
The Jacques Mesrine saga, first with The death instinct and Public Enemy # 1 after, was directed by Jean-François Richet. Jacques Mesrine was a famous French bank robber and murderer who was killed by police in a hail of bullets in Paris in 1979. Prior to that he wrote an autobiography in prison titled The death instinct (Death Instinct), and these movies are based on that. The first part begins on the day of his death and then looks back on his early years, while the second part covers the last years of his life after his return to France.

It is a great saga not only because it is based on real life, but because the megalomaniac criminal celebrity that Mesrine was is a figure in the history of French gangsters to discover. Moreover, Vincent Cassel plays the role of Mesrine, and you will see why in each film review he is referenced as being “at the peak of his career”.

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