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Learning a foreign language seems to have become an essential complementary skill these days. While some people join professional courses and certification courses, others just want to know the basics by studying certain books. French has been a popular foreign language option for Indians over the years.

If you are looking for good French books for beginners, here is a list of good books that you can buy online and know the basics of French at home: –


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To learn and understand any language, it’s important to be good at grammar so you don’t make mistakes in combining verbs, prepositions, sentences, and more. This grammar book is popular in the market and is easy to understand thanks to the grammar pointers that have been highlighted in the book. It contains a good number of examples and more than 150 practical exercises which will help you to master the language well.

Whenever you learn a language, it is important that you have a good dictionary of that language with you. Oxford dictionaries do not need to be introduced and are equally popular for a number of languages. This dictionary contains over 40,000 words and over 60,000 translations to and from both languages. It even contains pronunciations to help you know new words with their meanings in the other language as well as how they are pronounced.

This is another good French book that you can refer to to practice French grammar and understand how well you have grasped the language. This book is even useful for those who want to test their knowledge at regular intervals so that they don’t lose their grip on the French language. This is the new edition of the book which includes flashcards and audio recordings to help you understand the language well. It contains over 350 exercises as well as a answer key to test your knowledge once you have finished solving the exercises.

For anyone who wants to learn conversational French, it is good that you refer to a special book that will help you learn popular conversational phrases and sentences. It’s a good book that you can buy online. It comes with an option to download a free audio file which will help you with pronunciation and phrase tone while speaking French. The book contains 12 units that cover different situations and give an example of a conversation that might occur in that situation. It has a number of everyday phrases that you can use when having a basic conversation in French, making it a good book for beginners.

Choosing a good English-French and French-English translator and dictionary is essential if you are learning French. Keeping one on hand will make sure you don’t get confused every time you come across a new French word. It is easy to understand and contains over 50,000 words with their translations, making it a comprehensive guide. It even contains idioms, pronunciations, and conjunctions to help you master the language.

If you haven’t studied French at school or college level, don’t be disappointed because it is still possible to learn the language with the help of a few good books. Make sure you choose a good French book and study it with total dedication to become good at French.

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