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This course is about storytelling – or what we often simply call “stories”. It’s about how we tell stories, and the kind of stories we tell about ourselves and others. Why illness and disability, then? For body experiences aren’t just the ones that seem to require a narrative: “How did you get COVID? “How did you become disabled? but are also ones that dramatically inform our own “story arc” as Robin Boylorn indicates above, or our own sense of self and identity.

This course will include short lectures, in-depth discussions and thinking + writing workshops in addition to visits by guest lecturers working in the fields of disability studies and medical humanities. Within these different spaces, we will explore the multiple socio-cultural, political, economic and historical forces that can shape our experiences of health and embodiment, as well as the kinds of meanings we ascribe to them and the stories we tell about them. .

Study of difference as represented by French, Francophone and related narratives of disability and illness, with attention to race and gender. Conducted in English — ACCOUNT FOR GE-B, GE-G, DIVERSITY and FRENCH AND NARRATIVE STUDIES.

For more information about this course, please contact Dr. Van Dam at [email protected]


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