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Ruiz is no stranger to the stage, having studied theater and dance like a T-shirt. IMAGE © ÇA C’EST CULTE.COM

We celebrate the charming singer

With her bright red lips and chocolate locks, Olivia Ruiz is instantly recognizable – a force of nature whose sensual and breathtaking performances burst from the new song mold. The French of origin singer, with her proud Spanish roots, rose to fame after competing on Star academy in 2001. Despite being named to the post in the semi-finals by her rival Jenifer (another beautiful brunette pop queen), Ruiz won over audiences and went on to forge her own destiny, being crowned “female artist. of the year ”in the 2007 Victoires de la Musique.

Twelve years later, she’s racked up numerous awards and eight studio albums, not to mention a staunchly loyal fan base. It’s hard to argue with any reason – his music is contagious and catchy, with the kind of ringing and mysterious quality that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tim Burton film. If you think this looks suspiciously like rock band Dionysos, you’d be right about the money: frontman Mathias Malzieu and Ruiz were an item, and even collaborated on a number of songs for the gothic-fantasy animated film. from 2013 Jack and the heart of the cuckoo clock. See? Force of nature.

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