Raftaar s Kalamkaar signs global agreement with French music distributor Believe

Raftaar’s Kalamkaar will expand its digital music distribution service to the burgeoning independent hip-hop label based in India.

Paris-based independent digital music distribution and artist services company Believe, which works with some of the world’s most successful independent artists and labels, has teamed up with rapper, songwriter and music producer Raftaar’s Kalamkaar to expand its digital music distribution service to the burgeoning independent hip-hop label headquartered in India.

Recently, Believe India added popular Haryanvi artist Vishvajeet Chowdhary and Tamil film songwriter and singer Leon James to their evolving roster which also includes other popular artists like Zaeden, Sachin-Jigar, Indar Chahal and Harvy Sandhu.

Vivek Raina – Managing Director – Believe India said: “In India, we are working on music distribution for our labels and artist services (which include brand partnerships, live booking, timing and organizing services). events) to assist all of our artists in every way possible to help them advance their careers and provide relevant services according to their needs. Recently, we have partnered with YouTube Shorts where Indian artists and labels can not only access Believe’s catalog on YouTube Shorts. As we embrace the next generation of music creation, distribution and consumption with YouTube Shorts, it’s more than a collaboration; it is a strategic partnership. It’s a great opportunity for artists and labels to work with us in an ever-changing music industry. Our goal is to continue to support all artists and labels, at all stages of their careers, at the local level by giving them the resources and tools they need to be successful.

Shilpa Sharda – Director – Artist Services – Believe India commented, “We are proud to partner with artists from across India as the demand for music in all languages ​​continues to grow. India has always had a unique musical landscape and I am happy that we are able to serve local independent artists with tools created specifically to keep their global reach and local needs in mind. Our intention is to reach out to every artist in all languages ​​in India, as limiting ourselves to just one or two key languages ​​would not be enough to take advantage of the unique representation of Indian music.

Raftaar added, “I am very pleased that Kalamkaar has partnered with the world’s leading independent digital music distributor to digitally distribute and promote our works on legal download platforms. The remarkable Kalamkaar crew will bring you some great content in 2021. Watch this space to find out more! ”

With the passion and authenticity cemented into its founding, Kalamkaar, which means writer in Hindi, was formed with an exciting roster of young artists such as KR $ NA, Deep Kalsi, Brishav, Karma, Rashmeet Kaur and Yunan. Kalamkaar, co-founded by Raftaar and Ankit Khanna, has independently released over 96 music videos to date, racking up over 117.4 million views and an organic base of 730,000 subscribers.

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