RBmedia begins distributing audiobooks in French



RBMEDIA, the world’s largest audiobook publisher, has announced its entry into the French-language audio market through the acquisition of French audiobook publisher Éditions Thélème. This brand will house Éditions Thélème’s existing audiobook catalog and all new French-language titles published by RBmedia in the future. This news comes just after that of the company Initial acquisition of books accelerating its rapid growth and expansion. Some of the most notable audiobooks that will soon be available worldwide are Marcel Proust, Victor Hugo, Plato, Jane Austen, and Emily Bronté.

The use and awareness of audiobooks as a format is increasing around the world. The market size has grown significantly over the past few years and is expected to reach $15 billion globally by 2027, according to a report by Grand View Research.

Adeline Defay, Founder and Managing Director of Éditions Thélème, said: “I founded Éditions Thélème when I noticed a hole in the French publishing market: there was no offer of audio books for classical literature. Since its inception over 30 years ago, our motto has always been “great authors read by great actors”. It’s gratifying to see RBmedia pursue our goal of making these essential texts accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Miles Stevens-Hoare, Managing Director of RBmedia International, said, “RBmedia has established itself in the English, Spanish and German audiobook markets. Éditions Thélème is the next step in our expansion into other languages. With the growing global demand for audiobooks, which we have seen in France, Éditions Thélème offers us the ideal platform to develop our French-language business.


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