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Many artists use their talents not only to entertain the public, but also to raise awareness of various social and ecological issues. The upcoming Franco-Malayalam music album designed by Malayali playback singer Saju Sreenivas, photographer and artist Praveen Muraleedharan and French singer and songwriter Jo Ziako is one such endeavor. It highlights the conservation of nature and the fight against the use of plastic.
The idea for such a project had sprouted after Ziako was moved by the Praveen animal photography exhibition in France last year. Ziako says, “I was heartbroken to see the photographs that showed how humans polluted the verdant forests and their ecosystems. A photo of a lion-tailed macaque holding a plastic water bottle stirred something in me. It was then that I thought about transforming my music into an awareness tool for nature conservation and the eradication of plastic use. So, we decided to do an Indo-French collaboration with the musicians Praveen and Saju Sreenivas, who will write the lyrics in Malayalam for our project. I believe that music has a universal language that can touch everyone.
The music album that has yet to be named will contain seven songs in total that will focus on nature and its importance. The team is currently busy touring and recording their music album in various landscapes across the state.
According to Praveen, the project will open the eyes of many in society and persuade them to save wildlife and stop the use of single-use plastics. “Although song recordings are progressing, we have been successful in performing in colleges and some schools because we believe that the future of the world is in the hands of the next generation and they are the ones who need to be made aware of the dangers if our wildlife and ecology are destroyed.
The team will use a mix of Kerala and French musical instruments for their orchestration. They mixed, chenda, idaykka, madhalam and other traditional percussion instruments in hues of French music, Praveen says. “The songs include themes like anti-plastic, travel, forest, Bohemian life, etc. We focused on rendering simple lyrics in Malayalam as well, so that everyone can sing along, ”he explains, tapping on a cajon (a box-shaped instrument) that matches Ziako’s guitar notes. .
Meanwhile, Valiyaperunnal frontman Saju Sreenivas says it’s “an organic music business” for him. “I felt it was a refreshing and new idea in our musical culture. The album is rich in organic music as we recorded the instruments live and avoided the processed music. The album will be unique as it used French tunes with a touch of gypsy music. Praveen translated what Ziako said and it was in itself a new experience. I worked on the lyrics after understanding the meaning of Ziako’s French verses. In addition, the songs are interpreted in such a way that they can be interpreted by the audience, ”explains Saiju.

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