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Moon Knight introduced the mysterious Layla in Episode 2, and the French she quoted may provide more insight into her relationship with Marc.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 2.

This is what French poetry means in Moon Knight episode 2. In the episode, Steven and Layla share a moment on French poetry, and the translation gives insight into the feelings of the two characters. Layla, whose identity was previously a mystery to Steven, turns out to be Marc’s soon-to-be-divorced wife. After their phone call Moon Knight episode 1, Layla assumed Steven was Marc speaking in code, and she rushes to London to see if he’s okay. It turns out, however, that her relationship with Marc is on hot coals.


Layla doesn’t understand who Steven is, and this creates intense tension between them as she thinks Marc is undercover, not knowing Marc Spector’s condition. However, this tension fades when Layla browses the shelves of her apartment and comes across a book of poetry by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. Steven begins to recite a poem to her which she joins. Although a little while in Moon Knight episode 2it provides an interesting understanding of Layla’s relationship with Marc.

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The poem is ”The Separated” by Desbordes-Valmore and the lines quoted by Layla and Steven translate to ”I’m sad, I want to turn off my light / Summers without you are as dark as a room.”Desbordes-Valmore was a French Romantic poet, and ”The Separated” tells the story of two lovers who are separated, hence the title of the poem. This, of course, mirrors Layla and Marc’s relationship, as they are essentially separated by Steven who rejects Marc’s attempts to take over. Moon Knight. In a way, this poem is Layla expressing her feelings of being estranged from Marc despite their obvious friction and her desire for a divorce. Essentially, Moon KnightLayla’s Untranslated French Poetry Reveals Layla’s True Feelings for Marc.

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Moon Knight’s Untranslated French Poetry Runs Deeper Than You Think

Despite Steven’s general confusion about the situation in Moon Knight, it seems that some of Marc’s experiences with Layla have been passed on to him, as Steven names Desbordes-Valmore as his favorite poet. Layla frowns as she quotes, as if recalling memories of Marc, then gives him a suspicious look and tells Steven that she is actually his favorite poet. This exchange of poetry allows a clue to Layla and Marc’s past, and invokes the feeling that the two, perhaps in the best days of their relationship, would bond through poetry. This scene is made even more effective by what comes next, when Layla hands Steven the divorce papers, much to Steven’s shock. It’s a mystery to Steven, as he says he would never divorce her. He calls Mark a ”dumbass,” although it is later revealed that Marc is simply doing everything in his power to protect Layla as Khonshu wants her as his next avatar. This solemn moment of calm between them, reciting French poetry, makes Marc’s responsibilities as Moon Knight somewhat tragic in light of his relationship with Layla.

Although Layla is clearly tough, it seems like she’s trying to show a false sense of security in herself and her impending divorce from Marc. The poem continues to read; ”Knocking at my heart is like knocking at a grave,” (”tomb” artfully linked to Moon Knight’s Egyptian roots) which communicates a vast sense of emptiness in the reader and, due to their recitals, an emptiness in Marc, Steven and Layla. Oddly enough, the poem could also hint at dark secrets from the past, as Steven learns some of the details of Marc’s past and there’s a loaded nod to him slaughtering archaeologists. The lamentable tone of the poem means that it can relate to each of Moon Knightand becomes especially compelling when shown just how much Marc (and even Steven, who punched a jackal to protect her despite his terror) would do to keep Layla safe in Moon Knight.

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